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Sustainable Software

We like to abandon software projects every 3-5 years and completely rewrite them from scratch because they become too hard to change, update or run.

What is the problem?

As programmers, we actually have 3 jobs, one of which is incredibly underrated: Writing for humans. It’s all about language: trying to connect the programming language to the language of the business experts. It’s amazing when we get it right, and devastating when we get it wrong.

This website contains my personal view on how we can handle these issues.

What is the solution?

The key is to structure your code in order to reduce the difficulty required to understand it. Syntactic layering is probably the most important tool, which can be applied in any language or paradigm. Others include design patterns, leveraging a strongly typed language. It might also be nice to know in what shape your codebase is

I am human

I can’t claim I am correct on these opinions and am excited to be challenged on these ideas. Please contact me to discuss any thoughts you have on the subject!